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Further Investment in City’s Built Heritage

castle4-ronanWalled City Partnership Announces Further Investment in City’s Built Heritage 


The award of a funding package of circa £300,000.00 to facilitate the repair and restoration of the former Alpha Glass Studio at the junction of Castle Street and Magazine Street in Derry’s Historic City Centre is a major boost to the continued regeneration of the city centre through the repair and re-use of its built heritage.

The Project is being delivered through the Walled City Townscape Heritage Initiative with funding being sourced from the Heritage Lottery Fund – THI Grant, Department Social Development – Urban Development Grant and Department of the Environment Planning NI – THI Grant. Upon completion of the works the development will comprise four new city centre apartments at upper floor levels with commercial use at street level.

The property owner Geraldine Coyle commented;

“’We’re all really pleased with the progress here on site. It will be great to see our beautiful historical building restored. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Heritage Lottery Fund, Department for Social Development and Planning NI for their support, without which the project couldn’t have happened”

The repair and restoration of this property will bring the total number of properties repaired and restored through the Walled City Townscape Heritage Initiative to twenty six.