Conservation Skills

Conservation Skills Masterclasses

A key objective to increase awareness of different philosophies of repair and conservation in architects, architectural technologists and engineers is being delivered through our Conservation Skills Masterclass programme.  Old buildings presenting live opportunities for focused learning are used as the venues for interactive inquiry conversations on a range of conservation topics. These include:

  • Restoration versus Conservation – the difference
  • Diagnosis of defects and recommendations for repair
  • Describing architectural character
Conservation Derry

Conservation Skills Masterclass with local architects and architectural technologists held at former Northern Counties Club, Derry

These workshops effectively draw out the existing level of knowledge and skills within participants and then build on this in a way that shares learning, collaboratively.  The process has revealed a wide disparity of conservation awareness among practising architects working on old buildings locally, even among those who have undertaken basic  level additional specialist conservation training.

Walled City Partnership continues to raise awareness about the need for refinement of conservation accreditation processes to achieve consistency in standards and skill.